Due to progress in the IT industry and net, these invaluable files are in the range of the public. Any individual skilled in the art might undergo different patent databases and following a search can find the patent record of the requirement. If we proceed through the patents associated with a particular technological area, we’ll have the ability to discover the lots of information regarding the entire life span of this technological invention viz.,

O evolutionary route of a particular technology,

O technological advancement,

O technological diversification,

O technologies merges,

O important players in particular specialized area,

O key factors of the particular technology,

“The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) demonstrated that 90 percent to 95 percent of all of the world’s creations are seen in documents that were patented.”

Patent investigation can shows quite valuable informations, which is unavailable everywhere. After patent hunt the vital part is your patent investigation, and you must be very concise regarding their aim of this analysis. The info in the patent files can be used in various form in line with the requirement and mapped so to have the image of the full investigation in snapshots.

Logistic math and circle math can be extremely helpful in the plotting of this technological landscape. It may reveal the evolutionary tendency of a technology, how it’s developed from a fundamental technology, together with the length of the technological diversification and its own nature. These maps will even offer the thorough summary of the merging of the various technology to contribute to break-through technology. These kinds of maps will be quite helpful for your own R&D personals to rate the place of their study and technologies, and they will find method to innovate more innovative and valuable technology.

In the current global context firms will need to understand what technology can rivals choke readily, and might be trying to. They also should be familiar with spaces in technology where rivalry is intense, and also the regions where opponents are focusing their IP development and their R&D attempts. They have to have the ability to monitor patent acquisition and advancement strategies and graph from the competitive picture. To evaluate technology prior to making any investment decision, companies will need to be aware of the speed of patenting activity in the tech, which patents embody fundamental ideas from the tech and how exposed the company’s technologies would be to patent infringements.

The capacity to extract pertinent data from patent literature is an essential success factor for anybody involved with technological innovation. The tech mapping technique’s that may be employed to transform patent data to knowledge that can affect decision-making.

Patents are an important source of technical intelligence that firms can utilize to gain tactical advantage. Technology Intelligence is a could be utilized for collecting, analyzing, forecasting, and handling external technologies related info, such as patent details. The main deliverables of patent mapping is in the kind of understanding visualization through maps and landscape. These maps provide invaluable intelligence on technologies evolution/revolution, character of various kinds of pioneering; large; pure; and emerging players, innovative evaluation, etc..